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Too large for your suitcase
Leaving the Indonesian archipelago or the Emerald Belt, with lots of beautiful memories of it’s precious treasures, which you would like to take home with you, we can help you realize this. Even if your suitcase is already filled up to the max, Tjokvol has got the solution to deliver your beautiful findings to your choice of destination.

Tjokvol advice
We know Bali and our experiences are up to date to be able to advise you with the best deals.
We will help you to request the right quote from several reliable shipping agents. As we’ve experienced over the years, we have build up a trustworthy track record for any purchased items are very precious. Arranging shipments from Bali are very often less expensive than organizing a shipping offered from other location.

The only action required from our customers, is to fill out the online form. With these details, we know which shipping agent is capable of handling your goods.
Rather having your goods delivered to another country then per example The Netherlands? Even this will not be of any issue to us at all. The offer will always be sharp and correct. And because the offer will come straight from the shipping agent, no further charges from Tjokvol will be added. One of thé advantages!

Your purchased items does not fit in your suitcase. Now what?
Tjokvol will find the most economical and suitable way of shipment for you. To be able to offer you the best quote, we ask you to complete our quote form (link below). This website is secured (SSL/TLS1.3), so your details will be send within a safe environment.

The quote will be based on the calculation from harbour to harbour. On request from harbour to any address other than the harbour of arrival, please select “Yes” at the option “door-to-door service”. Your shipping agent will handle this procedure.

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