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Who choose Tjokvol before you?
Over the years, Tjokvol has build up a proven track record. Knowledge of the country and their regulations ánd the large network, we have been able to ship your beautiful memories safe and custom-wise to your homes.

Below you’ll find some references of satisfied customers:

“We are very satisfied about the transportation and Tjokvol’s negotiations. Our 3 statues from Bali have arrived to meet all expectations. Thank you Gino!”
Fam. Moonen

“We met Gino while we were on holiday and had a great connection. When we told him about the statues we’d seen but didn’t have any clue how to arrange transportation back to The Netherlands, Gino offered his help immediately. And because of his expertise and network, everything was taken care of needly. And with success, because of Tjokvol our favorite statue now has a beautiful spot in our house. Because of this, we think of it’s gorgeous island every day”.
Fam. Van Dijk

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