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Who is Tjokvol?
The man behind this organization is Gino Latumahina; a man with a lot of experience and well known traveler of Bali and surroundings. Like no other he knows how fantastic it is to ship precious treasures back home to The Netherlands. And especially to give these treasures a beautiful place at home.
This joy he would like to share with people.

With these thoughts in mind and his network, he started the company Tjokvol. Gino puts his knowledge of the island and experience with the local people in to find the best solution to ship your purchased items.

Explanation of the logo
The shape of the icon represents a box. The conveyance of your newly found treasure.

Sharp protruding corners
The protruding corners represent the maximum usage of space within a container. The container will be shipped out once it’s stuffed to the max. The corners reflect the image of items that may stick or pile out, yet the box will stay intact at all times.

Round corner
The round corner symbolizes that in fact all kinds of items can be handled by Tjokvol, shipped by cargo or freight. As a customer, you will not be obliged by having your items shipped in square boxes. Like per example Buddha statues, furniture or other likewise items, have organic shapes. The circle in the Tjokvol-icon symbolizes these options.

White line
The white line crossing the thick line, symbolizes that Tjokvol anticipates with the client. Operating from the centre or core which creates flexibility and a service orientated mindset. Creating a clear overview towards the customer, ‘What you see is what you get’.



We can help to realize your dreams
Like no other, we understand the value of your new purchased belongings. Especially when you bought new treasure on the other side of the world. This means that the transportation of these goods, needs to be handled with a lot of care.

Because we have the experience and knowledge, we can provide you with the best ‘custom’ network of shipping agents.
Simply fill out the online form and we will offer you the right shipping agent that is capable of transporting your valuable purchased items, ‘With Care’.Door-to-door service. 

We can help to realize your dreams
For sure it’s very convenient when the goods are being delivered right on your doorstep. The shipping agent is also experienced in the next step, rather than delivery at the harbour only.

By choosing the Door-to-door service in the online form, the shipping agent will calculate the additional costs and provide them straight in the quote.

For more questions and details, please don’t hesitate to leave any comments on the form.


About us

Learn more about Tjokvol? Or do you want to transport something from Bali and need advice? Please contact us!


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